Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mr. Marc W. Mullo

PnPAuthors Promotions
Poet Marc W. Mullo lives in Canada where he writes his poems. Marc is interested in getting involved in our project where he will write some of his poems, and perhaps lean his mind to writing a chapter or two in a group writing project where the book will be published. 
Note from Marc: Poetry is my favourite genre in writing , and really it’s my specialty, when it comes to the majority of compositions that I write.
Right now Marc has a published book out that we are presenting in this spotlight. The book's title is,
Poetric Potpourri.

Book Description:

My first released title focuses on the joy for my favourite genre of writing, which is poetry. This book is a modest, personal collection filled with some of my favourite pieces from the initial decade of my career. Each poem evokes and portrays various thoughts and feelings that people experience in their daily lives. I’m quite content with it, and I hope that you will be as well, buy yours today, thank you very much for your interest.